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Brussels - Horta is the first application dedicated to the work of Victor Horta. This brilliant architect invented the Art Nouveau, has evolved and has understood the limits. At the four corners of Brussels, the mark of his talent dazzles the visitor. We must see how Horta took up the space constraints for modeling, give them life and joy.

Victor Horta is a genius, that is to say a workaholic. Everything interests him, everything is subject to think, rethink, functions and pure beauty, the utility of reproduction and the flavor of uniqueness.

This application will take you anywhere. See the “hôtels de maître” of the Art Nouveau period, as large projects of maturity. All places of Horta in Brussels are listed on a map. Pictograms of different colors indicate if the place is still in its state (red pictogram), is difficult to see or visitable (orange pictogram) or worth a visit, even the trip (green pictogram).

If certain concepts require further explanation, there is a dictionary at your service. If you want to see (or review, or prepare for your visit), dozens of photos will allow you to do it, fact sheets guide you and inform you.

The text of Mrs. Françoise Aubry, curator of the Horta Museum, over each of the works of the master are of relevance and quality of rare writing.

“Horta - Bruxelles” is really the application that all lovers of Art Nouveau, of the capital of Europe, of the architecture in general, must have.

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