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The HSE COVID-19 Patient Management app will allow you to monitor your COVID-19 symptoms and health information such as your temperature and oxygen levels whilst you are in self-isolation. This information will be shared confidentially with trained personnel at dedicated monitoring centres. They will be able to see your information immediately. Monitoring will enable healthcare professionals to assess if you are recovering well whilst in isolation or if you need additional support (e.g. extra treatments at home or if you need to go to hospital).

It is recommended that you consent to using location services when downloading this app. This is to ensure that the HSE can provide you with additional support locally if this is needed (e.g. to identify your nearest healthcare centre or hospital). It will also help the HSE to plan the use of medical resources. If you don’t want to consent to sharing your location you can continue to use the app.

Once you have downloaded the app you may also be given hardware (an oxygen saturation monitor) that links up with this app.

- Syncs with a pulse oximeter, a device which measures your oxygen saturation, which is important for us to track to ensure you are recovering from COVID-19
- Tracks your symptoms including breathlessness
- Records details of relevant underlying conditions and your existing medications (future release)
- Anonymised location monitoring, to help us understand trends of COVID-19 across Ireland and plan resources to best deliver healthcare
- Syncs with health trackers (like Fitbit, Apple Healthkit) to track heart rate
- Confidential health data monitored in real time by trained healthcare professionals at dedicated monitoring centres

The HSE COVID-19 Patient Management app is provided via an Irish digital health company called patientMpower who are experienced in providing home monitoring platforms for people with lung conditions. If you need help installing the app or need any technical support please email support@patientMpower.com.

IMPORTANT: This app cannot provide medical intervention in the event of an emergency. If you experience a rapid worsening of symptoms or severe breathing difficulties please contact 999 or 112.

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