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Dino Hunter Sniper 3D - Dinosaur Target Kids Games

发行商: Muddy Apps
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Hungry Dino Hunter is an addictive sniper survivor game with extreme graphics and amazing game-play. It enables the user to polish their sniping skills and eliminate all the threats in order to survive in the deadly jungle combat.

**********BACKGROUND STORY**********

A squad of elite sniper is sent into jungle for training, the commander has assigned different tasks, and you are unfortunately separated from the task force and are left alone in the jungle to survive along with the fierce animals and hungry dinosaurs on deadly shores.

Your best friend in this situation is your sniper rifle, you are provided with the map to reach to the base camp of your fellow troops but you have to kill all the threats which come your way. You have a limited amount of bullets left in your rifle, so use them wisely and try to kill the dinosaurs with single head-shot.

Using your military training you are making your way through the jungle but the biggest threat you will encounter is the Hungry Dinosaurs and T-Rex.

One of the Dinosaurs has spotted you and as soon you will hunt down the threat, the rest of the dinosaurs will start attacking you, try to kill them as soon as possible with head shots and make your way back to the sniper camp.

Let’s see how long you survive in the jungle!


- Amazing 3D Graphics
- Short and Long Range Snipers to Select From
- Multiple Dinosaur Attacks
- Exciting Challenges at Every Level
- Hunt or Be Hunted
- Exotic Jungle Locations
- Savage Dinosaurs and T-Rex
- Deadly Dino Combat
- Weapon Upgrade System

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