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iBlacklist - Contacts manager all in one

发行商: Hzk Studio
价格: 4.99 USD


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◉ All-in-One

Contact group management is the basic function.

Contacts backup, Powerful batch delete, the most advanced search functions, help for organizing contacts, group email, group SMS, Intelligent dial pad, easy favorites, etc.

◉ Safe contacts management 

As contacts App is a tool which deals with system data, it should operate exactly.

It’s because you should not lose your precious personal connections due to one App. 

Do not miss out.

If you download this app now, can be configured easily and safely.
Stability was tested in iOS 7, 8, 9.

◉ Functions

● Backup and restore contacts from Dropbox.
● Real-time synchronization with the basic contacts

It does not cause confusion in contacts data.

● Multiple selection method

Most of functions can quick process with multi-select.

● Contacts group management. 

You can create and change contacts groups.

All these works to register contacts as a member of a group or copy or move contacts from one group to group are dealt with easily in a lump. 

Using the easy way to group contacts unspecified

iCloud automatic syncing

Exchange contacts self group management

● Faster and intelligent contacts search

You can search contacts by only entering part of phone number of name and can search the optimal data by appointing how to search. 

● Help for organizing contacts

Organizing contacts by selecting them based on various conditions

● Send a group mail and group SMS

Board to make a text message which can use pretty emoticons and special characters conveniently

● Fast contacts favorites
You can operate phone-calling, SMS in bookmark instantly.

● Nice dial which upgrades the basic dial by about 3 times
You can appoint how to search the contacts list and it is possible to search data based on the initial sound fast.

99 numeral shortcut dial

Change the sound of dial (including a silent mode)

● Contacts backup
You can back up and restore contacts by group.

You can keep backed-up data by sending through e-mail.

◉ Free vs Paid ◉

• Add smart search dial

• Adding a speed dial number

• Silent dial function

• Compose a message using special characters in write tools

• Change the order of the contact group can

• No limit to the number of multi e-mail

• No limit to the number of multi messages (up to 20)

• No limit to the number of favorites

• Contacts backup

• Remove Advertising

◉ Notice ◉

• This App can be used only in iOS 7.0 or further. 

• Groups in Exchange contacts are not compatible to the basic contacts and other contacts App and when you delete the App, it will be deleted. 

• You can send maximum 20 group text messages due to limitation by the communication company.

• The iOS call records are denied. The developer cannot provide the call records.


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