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Icon Skins Builder - 定做主屏幕、锁屏及壁纸

发行商: Lemondo Apps LLc
价格: 0.99 USD 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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Personalize your iPhone home and Lock screen with: Icon frames, Shelves, Decorations and Backgrounds and show to friends how cool and OUTSTANDING your iPhone looks! It’s like photoshop for your Home & Lock screens!

Now it's very easy to create coolest Home Screens:

- Choose background from app or import from photo library
- Add shelves to selected background
- Add frames to selected background
- Add coolest decoration to icons

Even easier to create lock screen:

- Choose background from app or import from photo library
- Add coolest decorations and/or text

And here we go! It's ready! Preview your home screen & save or email it to your friends.

App Highlights:

- Coolest backgrounds!
- Option to import your own backgrounds!
- Home & Lock Screen maker!
- 3D and 2D shelves!
- Unique frames!
- Decorations like hats, headphones, inner frames, different logos and many more…
- Built in store with extra designing opportunities!
- Endless customization possibilities!

Try it NOW! Download app at the lowest price and you won't be disappointed - We care about the quality of our products and want to keep our customers satisfied.

Thanks in advance for your positive feedbacks and reviews!


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