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Are you an angler? Want to fish in Sweden? Don't know where to buy the fishing license?

Then use the app from iFiske! With the app you can search for and read about hundreds of fishing areas in Sweden. You can buy the permit online and get your personal fishing license digitally directly delivered to the app.

In Sweden it is mandatory by law to have a valid fishing license in most waters. Recreational fishing in Sweden is subject the laws of the Swedish fisheries legislation and its associated regulations, and violation may lead to public prosecution.

With iFiskes app, you can find fishing areas by searching by name or looking at our map . The app helps you to buy your own fishing permit using your phone. For all the areas listed in the iFiske app, you can look at pictures from the area, read descriptions of the lake / river, review the fishing rules, see the presence of fish species, and much more! In other workds, this is the perfect tool to plan your fishing trip to Sweden.

In addition to buying permits and searching for fishing areas, you can also manage your purchased fishing licenses and review the rules that apply. The app content is available offline, eg when you have no mobile coverage, which comes handy if you are fishing in a remote area.

The app also contains detailed descriptions of the most common freshwater fishes in Sweden, and articles about common sport fishing methods.

For iFiske affiliated organizations there are in-app features for inspections of fishing permits and lists of all fishing licenses sold. Checks of permits can easily be done by scanning a QR code, or by entering the unique fishing card number. These features are only available to logged-in users that are connected to an organization that sells fishing licenses via iFiske.

NOTE: If you are missing YOUR favorite fishing area in the app, please do not give the app a bad rating just because of that. We CAN only sell fishing licenses for those organisations that joined the iFiske service.


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