iLoan, credit simulator

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Don't borrow money without iLoan, the best app for loan & mortgage projects.

iLoan allows you to calculate and compare loans thanks to monthly payments, APR and loan total cost. All simulations are convenient to real estate borrow, vehicle loan and consummer credit.

iLoan allows you to calcultate :
- your monthly borrowing capacity
- your borrowing capacity
- your capacity by calculating a criteria versus the others among : monthly payment, annual interest rate, duration, principal and early repayments
- Savings & private income plans

Type of loan you can simulate :
- Loan simulation (fixed or adjustable rate)
- Loan graduated-payment simulation (fixed rate)
- Complex project with multiple loans : you can also make a loan-smoothing (searching monthly payment, principal or duration)

iLoan allows you to calculate your loan payments considering insurance rate and loan charges, displaying graphical analysis and amortization table !
At last, you can save & export by email (CSV & PDF format) your favorite loans !

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