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imagin: Más que un banco móvil

发行商: CaixaBank, S.A.
价格: 免费
兼容性: Apple TV, Apple Watch & iPhone


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Download the new imagin app, much more than an app to manage your money. You can enjoy top discounts, share expenses with your friends, view content on music, culture or gaming in the imaginCafé section and have tools and advantages to organize your day-to-day. Request your prepaid card without opening a bank account and start enjoying imagin. If it falls short, go one step further and take advantage of all our financial services.


imagin&Split, the new solution to divide expenses and share them with your friends after the weekend.
Digital content about technology, creativity, music and much more. Check the agenda to not miss any activity.

Send money to any mobile number through Bizum and create your imagin agenda.

Control your money, manage your accounts, receipts, transfers and your Visa cards without commissions and 100% free.

Achieve your goals by creating challenges or savings plans like imagin&Pias.

For those more ambitious plans, get up to € 15,000 instantly with the imagin&Go loan.

If you need cash, find the nearest CaixaBank ATMs and withdraw cash from any ATM in the world without commissions.

And for any questions use our chatbot 24/7 to give you an answer.


MY DAY TO DAY. Check your movements divided by categories. Set your spending forecast and control how your saving challenge progresses.

ENJOY: Top experiences with the best Partners. Enjoy discounts on the apps you use the most and get the latest news and trends.

PAYMENTS AND MONEY SHIPMENTS. Share expenses with your friends with imagin & Split and don't worry about making numbers. Send or request money with Bizum from your imagin account or withdraw money from any CaixaBank ATM only using your mobile, no card needed.

WALLET: Control your cards and manage them from the app. New Reload and credit cards.

PRODUCTS: Get an imagin&Go bank loan and meet your goals by creating Savings Challenges. Protect your purchases with imagin&Buy, get insurance for your pets and travel carefree with our travel insurance. Oh! Recharge your mobile when and where you want.

Download now the new imagin app. Much more than a financial app. Think no more. Become an imaginer!


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