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Combining the latest neuroscientific research with 25 centuries of mind training wisdom, Imagine Clarity’s authors offer progressive and accessible meditation and mindfulness courses. There are accessible step-by-step courses for beginners, and opportunities to go deeper for more advanced practitioners. Beyond a simple well-being approach, Imagine Clarity offers an opportunity to revolutionize your vision of the world and awaken your abilities of clarity and compassion.

“Imagine Clarity is an app about meditation, but meditation is not just emptying our mind and relaxing. It is training our minds. If we learn to cultivate as skills our inner qualities such as benevolence, compassion, clarity, inner peace, inner strength, not only will we flourish in life, but through that we can also benefit others, care for more social justice and future generations.” —Matthieu Ricard

Imagine Clarity has also been joined by Maria João Pires, one of the world’s top pianists, who discusses the contemplative aspect of art, and music’s potential for a meaningful life and a better world.

Your monthly or yearly subscription membership gives you access the entire Imagine Clarity collection as well as personalized help related to your practice. The app also offers delightful practices for 4- to 8-year-olds.

About Imagine Clarity

We provide learning programs and creative applications in collaboration with outstanding experts in meditation, creativity, and compassion. Our focus is to support meaningful and altruistic lifestyles worldwide.

What Users Say

“I have reviewed more than 100 apps on meditation, mindfulness & training the mind. The depth & clarity of teachings in this app are superlative and unmatched! Developing loving kindness and compassion are as important as cultivating mindfulness and this is the only app which covers these aspects skilfully.” —App Store Review

“Absolutely the best meditation app out there. I have tried a few, and this one is the winner.... The people behind the scripts, structure, and narrative are serious meditators themselves with a profound understanding of the subject. The guided meditations go beyond the feel-good approach of other apps and provide insightful instructions and sufficient explanation. I highly recommend it.” —App Store Review

- “For a Deep Dive” —The Wall Street Journal
- “Designed to Teach Meditation” —The Guardian

“Indispensable for anyone wanting to understand the mind. A superb, clear set of exercises that will benefit everyone.” —Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco

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