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Indian Rummy&Teen Patti Online

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Indian Rummy & Teen Patti Game is the most enjoyable Indian Rummy Card Game which is considered as an extension of Gin Rummy and rami . You can play our online circle rummy live with real & worldwide players in a strong Social Indian Rummy Function. Invite and challenge your Facebook friends to join our rummy and teen patti free game.

Download Indian Rummy& Teen Patti Game now to play our circle and online rummy 13 cards and get millions of free chips! Our big rummy tournament and rummy activities for holidays will come soon! I am sure that our Rami won’t let you down. You can enjoy your 13 card game online from our Indian rami game.

3 patti is also very popular in India and we have these two game in 1 app! By downloading this app you can play both rummy and teen patti at the same time onlie!

Indian Rummy is famous for 13 card game that based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit, also known as rami, remi, rommee, romme.

-5 games in 1 app: Rummy Game gathers 5 games in total, which includes 2 variations of rummy game: Classic Rummy game、Pool Rummy、Deal rummy 、Private Room Rummy,and also Teen Patti game! One app but more games!!!
It gives more choices for the player.
-Free Chips: Get Endless Free Chips on download bonus, daily bonus, invitation bonus & share bonus in our Indian Rummy& Teen Patti Game
-Play with friends: Play with Facebook & Apple friends or family to enjoy our super rummy 13 cards game online.
-Chat online: Express your feelings immediately by Texting or Sending emojis to other players in our online rummy & Teen Patti games
-Real & Safety: Security in every part of our circle rummy online and rami 13 cards game.
-Amazing UI: Experience our games with new design, easy interface about rummy and teen patti original card games.
- Multiple Languages: Choose your own languages in English, Hindi in the online Rummy and 3 Patti game
-Smooth Network: Rummy and 3 Patti games online Work fast on 2G/3G/wifi network anywhere
-Quick Matching: Zero wait time to join a table in our rami game.

Indian Rummy Game Basic Rules
-Multiplayers: Rummy can Play between 2 to 5 players. Everyone will be dealt 13 card.
- Melding: Make sure your rummy 13 card to build melds that consists of sets, rank, runs or suit.
-Gameplay: Take turns adding and shedding cards from your hands from our interesting rummy online.
-Scoring: IF you get rid of all rami 13 card to show hands to others and arrange the available rummy 13 card, you will be declared the winner in the Indian rummy games.

Teen Patti Game Basic Rule
-3patti: 3-5 players on a teen patti table, everyone gets 3 cards. The player who shows the biggest wins in teen patti game.

Rules of Different Rummy Modes
-Pool Rummy Mode: Pool Rummy is a variant of 13 card Indian rummy. Players pay a fixed entry chips which forms the prize pool. A player is eliminated once their score reaches the maximum limit of points on the table. Players who win 101 Points Pool or 201 Points Pool can get the final bonus
-Private Room: You can invite your friends and family to play rummy 13 card game on private room now!
-Bet Rummy Mode: like Points rummy but with one difference. Here, point value increases
at regular intervals. That means bet more you can get more, One winner wins all the chips at the end of each game.
-Deal Rummy Mode: In Deals Rummy, players play with chips that are allocated at the beginning of the deal for pre-decided number of deals. One winner wins all the chips at the end of each Rummy deal.
Deal Rummy is more strategic for rummy players.

Please keep in mind that our Rummy & Teen Patti Game online is intended for adults with virtual gold & not involved in any real money gambling.

Please share your feedback with us if you are in trouble in rummy or 3 patti games and tell us how to improve our rummy game. Send messages from the following :


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