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印度火车模拟器 - 2018年

发行商: Appsoleut Coders LLP
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Indian Train Simulator - 2018 is a highly realistic train simulator game. Enjoy the crowded Indian railway stations, loud train announcements and busy rail tracks. 
This game has been modelled as close as possible to the real Indian Railway System. Indian Train Simulator - 2018 let’s you drive through the detailed Indian train routes with bridges, advertisement boards and food kiosks. The various train stations are stunning copies of the real Indian Railway stations!
Operate realistic Indian Trains like the Rajdhani or the Upasana Express train on zig zag railway tracks. Be alert and switch tracks fast to get the train on the right path.
Avoid train accidents or your game will be over.

Indian Train Simulator - 2018 has many realistic train routes.
Some of the TRAIN ROUTES in Indian Train Simulator - 2018:
— Howrah to Lucknow
— Delhi to Agra
— Surat to Borivali
— Ahmedabad to Bandra

Indian Train Simulator - 2018 will get you addicted to quick track changing, realistic Indian Trains and tremendous train speed to explore.
Make sure you safely park the train at all railway stations at the designated spots.

Indian Train Simulator - 2018 has many exciting features:
- Realistic train simulator experience
- Connect Pantograph
- Change Tracks
- Signalling system
- Multiple camera views
- Realistic train sound effects
- Stunning 3D graphics and intense environment
- Challenging railway tracks
- Child user friendly
- Addictive gameplay
- Realistic game sounds

Our user’s and their opinions matter the most to us! If in case you are not satisfied with our game we will be grateful if you send us your suggestions and feedback instead of giving us a low rating. We will try and incorporate your suggestions in our game.
For feedback and suggestions please email us on -
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