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发行商: Societatea de Transport Bucuresti STB SA
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Choose the desired destination and you will be guided step by step until you reach it. View the available routes to the chosen destination and save time by choosing the fastest route to the desired destination.

You have access to a transportation network with over 170 urban and regional lines, and over 1500 vehicles which circulates through Bucharest and the metropolitan area.

You can choose to start your trip from your current location, you can choose another location on the map, or you can choose your destination by searching an address, a point of interest or a desired station.

You will know exactly how much you'll have to walk to the nearest station, when the vehicle will arrive to the station and how long the trip will take.

You can save the frequently used addresses so you could start a trip much faster.

You will be able to see in real time the vehicle you have to get on, and you'll be notified when you must change the line.

You can view on the map the complete route of a line, and you can save the favorite lines. You will be notified when a problem for one of these lines will occur, for the case when this problem might affect your trip.

You can select a station on the route of a line, and you can see all the lines that stop at that station and the arrival times for each line.

This application helps you reach the desired destination by using the surface public transportation means.

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