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This application is for those who like to be aware of the celestial movements of the planets (from an astrological point of view) and use them in their everyday life.

It displays the following information:
• the sign in which one planet is at the certain moment;
• its position (degree) in that sign;
• the date and time of entering into the next sign (or previous if the planet is retrograde) - or, in other words, the planet's "ingress";
• the planet's direction of movement (if it is retrograde, a "R" will be displayed next to the degree and it will be colored in red).

Features in this Pro version:
1) Ephemeris from year 1920 to 2050
2) Unlimited Undo
3) Go to Next Sign change of a planet (next ingress) - you will be able to see when a planet changes signs.
4) Go to Next Direction (Retrogradation) change for a planet - you will be able to see when a planet starts or ends retrogradation.
5) Go to Next Custom Degree for a planet - very useful to check transit moments or planet returns.
6) full Retina graphics

These new features transforms our application in a full ephemeris front end, with a lot of very handy advanced tools, never seen in any other application from App Store, regardless of the price! And in the same time it will be the same easy to use app even for a beginner.

Swipe the table with one finger to go to the next/previous day.
Swipe with two fingers to go an entire week forward or backward.
Tap on a planet row to access all actions.

The calculated data has a reasonable precision. The use of it is only the user's sole responsibility and the author of this application cannot be made responsible for any damage, loss or problem related to the use of the displayed data.

We cannot answer to questions placed in reviews.
Please send any request or bug report to:

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