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With this application you will have total control of your inventory.
Every single item and sale will be considered.
You can generate your sheet with sales and incomes.

1. Add a business and give it a name. Click on it.

2. Add articles on "Inventory" section.
You have 2 options. Add articles one by one, or via Excel. Via Excel, you need to watch videos to increase the counter of the articles to be read. You can add articles with or without provider and barcode.
The barcode is for searching easier the article.
The provider is set if you want to call him when you are running out of inventory.

Excel template:
The "Template" sheet will be read.

3. (Optional) Add promotions. For example:
Sandwich for $5 -> 2 slices of bread, 50 grams of ham, 40 grams of cheese, 25 grams bacon

4. Sale or buy items and sale the combos. (Optional) You can add a comment to the sales. You will see on real time your net income.

5. Point of Sale: You can add existing items, confirm it, and you will see the total that customer should pay. Also, Inventory will decrease.

You can modify articles:
"Inventory" - Click the item you want to modify.

When articles are about to run out (less than entered value), will turn red. You can call provider.

Having sales, on the "Sale" section you can retrieve your financial data.
Select the filter (day, month or all) and extract income sheet.

You can erase articles, combos or incomes within respective menus.

Privacy policy:

Terms of use:

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