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发行商: Algoritma MMC
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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InvestAZ is one of the most powerful brokerage company that offer their products and services to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, China and MENA region that extensive investment institution authorized and licensed as increase their investment to thousands of customers. With Stocks investment product, you can access the Equities and Futures market and download the app immediately to access the world's largest investment markets in real time, at the most affordable costs with Forex product.

InvestAZ is easy to invest with. Select the market you want to trade, analyze the direction of the investment product of your choice, and take action. Moreover, while doing these, please note that all investment services, investment trainings and expert staff offered by InvestAZ are always with you. Many leading deposit and withdrawl technologies are fully integrated to the application, you can easily deposit and withdrawal transactions fully automatically.

InvestAZ Investment Platform has been re-considered completely by being equipped with our most advanced technologies. Now everything you can do with an Investment App is redefined;

• Thanks to the brand new but natural user experience, we have made it much easier to navigate through your investments.

• You can invest in the Stocks, Futures and Forex markets by funding them from a single platform in any currency.

• In the investment market where you are trading, mark the popular parities you follow and make them accessible at any time.

• Have full control over the detail screens of your accounts in the investment markets.

• With the InvestAZ Investment Mobile app, you can make all transactions as mobile without the need for a computer.

• Fully integrated with the world's most popular trading platform, the Meta Trader 4, you get fast access, ease of use.

• Fund your Equity and Futures account, start processing instantly with fast platform access.

• Live Support and Support Tickets for all your investment inquiries.

• All your investment transactions are in your control under Transactions section.

• With the Analysis tab, instant news and daily analysis about the markets are at hand. The opportunity to guide your investments with the most accurate information.

• In addition to all these, real-time data from the market, Currency Converter, Gold Converter and hundreds of parity prices are waiting for you under the Tools tab. Moreover, you do not even need to open an account to use all these features! You can download it now.

When you want to evaluate investment opportunities, stop thinking what to do! Dollar, Euro, Turkish Lira, Japanese Yen, Stocks Exchange around the world, Futures market and the Stock Exchange are leveraged, if you want to trade in the world market, you need only InvestAZ Mobile App! With out-of-the-box information, leave the wrong investment information aside, train yourself with daily analysis, contact investment experts, and demand training from experts when your need. Through the application, you can participate in investment trainings at InvestAZ headquarters.

When you were trading on a real account, did you feel you had to train yourself? Then maybe you need a Trial Account! In InvestAZ you can make your investments and test yourself in real market conditions, by switching to InvestAZ Demo section within the real account with one touch, in the real account. For any questions about our service, Live Help will be at your service as usual.

Download the app now and start investing!


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