iQuickDial - The simplest speed dialer ever!

发行商: BK Mobility
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价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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The best speed dialer you can get. Easy and fun to use.

With iQuickDial you are allowed to choose up to 60 of your contacts to get really quick access to. Just one single tap and it dials for you. Double tap and it sends a text.

The missing picture dial app!

- fancy speed dialer
- choose between 10 superb designs
- simple and uncomplicated
- easy to hit buttons
- assign photos to your contacts
- assign speed dial contacts to numbers
- quickdial your favorite contacts

- long press to add a contact
- singe tap to dial
- double tap to text
- long press contact to remove
- swipe left to access settings

- when selecting "Ask before dial" in settings, you will be redirected to iQuickDial after your call finished

The easiest and best photo dialer you can get. Just read the comments: "A thing of beauty"

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