iR Universal Remote Control

发行商: Oliver Foelz
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价格: 3.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Turn your iPhone into THE universal remote control.

iR Remote requires the iRed Transmitter hardware (

iR Remote transforms your device into a personal universal remote. Use it to control your TV, DVD players, DVRs, cable boxes, audio equipment, high-end digital cameras, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and almost any other product - at home or on the go.

Replace all your remotes with your iPhone.

Stash the old remotes, and enjoy the convenience and simplicity of using your device. Out with the clutter and confusion, and in with everything you love about your device: the sharp, brilliant display, the Multi-Touch interface, the versatility and portability.

With the ability to control any device, iR Remote takes the concept of universal to a new level.

Simply plugin iRed into the audiojack and start using. You will able to control anything you want in your home or business. iR Remote combines the power of an intuitive App with the simplicity of iRed. It will give you all the power and none of the complexity.

iR Remote does all of this in an attractive, intuitive, Apple inspired and easy to use interface. The perfect replacing for multiple and often-confusing diffrent remote control devices.

iR Remote can control any number of devices. Use it to control your
-DVD players
-cable boxes
-audio equipment
-high-end digital cameras
-ceiling fans
-air conditioners
... and almost any other product that receive infrared signals.

Custom Remote

Quickly and easily design your custom remote by dragging and dropping any buttons you want, and assign a signal (hex codes) to each. iR Remote intelligently analyzes the signal and stores it in your device. You can program all your remotes in just minutes.

A home for your old phone.

Save your old phone from the recycling bin. With iR Remote you could still use it as your favourite universal remote control.

-No complex WiFi or Bluetooth setup
-large database
-auto search
-intuitive design
-quickly switch between different remotes
-store as much remotes as u want
-control any device

iR Remote requires the iRed Transmitter hardware (

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