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iRemoteControl provides whole house/office control from your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. You have full control of your Terrestrial & Satellite TV, DVD, AppleTV, Kaleidescape and many other AudioVisual sources, as well as TVs, Projectors, Lift & Lower mechanisms, lighting, electric blinds & curtains and CCTV systems. Anyone can operate iRemoteControl within 10 seconds.

iRemoteControl can control any device that can traditionally be controlled via Infrared (IR), Relay, Serial (RS232) or Intranet (IP) commands.

Just like a real Remote Control - iRemoteControl is completely intuitive, because it uses lifelike, “Virtual Remotes” on the touchscreen, which you control just like the real thing. “Virtual Buttons” even depress and LEDs blink. Select the room icon at the bottom of the screen to control that room and then touch the icon of the device you want to control – that’s it.

iRemoteControl does away with multiple Remotes - iRemoteControl executes multiple commands with a single button press. For instance the Room “On” button turns on your TV or Projector as well as your Amplifier.

iRemoteControl can control up to 50 rooms with up to 10 sources per room e.g. DVD, AppleTV, Satellite Receiver and five other optional sources, including lighting & electric blind control.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the App Store download is a generic example, to give you a flavour of the user interface and its capabilities. You will require additional hardware to send the Infra-red commands to control the relevant equipment

Please contact your local iRemoteControl Agent to discuss custom configuration of the App for your home or office or fill in for a quote based on the specific hardware configuration that you wish to control.

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