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Have you ever encountered a Tichu Session where you had to find pen and paper to write down the scoring? From now on, with this handy application you can keep your score, statistics and lot more useful information on your iPhone or iPad. It comes with a beautiful iOS 8 design and frequent updates including all the features you might want.

Are you in-game and want to see the stats? Just swipe to the left and you're presented with a board containing everything you need. Swipe back and you're ready for the next round.

In case you want to see the analytic score for the whole game, now you can. Just swipe to the right and you can see a table with the analytic score in a very beautiful UI. In case the game already finished, press the "Details" button from the statistics.

Now, the analytic score shows more information. Just tap on each round you want and all information about this round will be revealed to you.

iTichu now supports names for each team. You can change them anytime you want from settings. In case you prefer not to have names for the teams, delete them from settings and you're ready to go!

In case you've made a mistake, don't worry. You are covered. Just press the button at the down left corner and the problem solved! The last calculation is gone!

Sometimes you just don't have the time needed to finish a whole game with your friends, but you still want to play? Or you want to compete with your friends in a Tichu marathon? No problem! From settings, change the score limit according to your desire. The change will take effect when the current game will be finished or you start a new one.

If you want to learn how to use all features of iTichu, go to settings and choose to see the tutorial. It will guide you on how use every feature you wish.

If you close the application and a game is still in progress, the application will automatically save the progress and let you know if you want to continue that game or start a new one the next time you will launch the application.

Now iTichu supports more languages than just English. Chinese(Simplified), German, French and Greek are also supported.

Please take some time to leave us a review or let us know about any feature your want to see in a feature version, from the corresponding form you can find in settings.

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