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Rave reviews: "Best app on the market for memory loss"..."Great app, extremely helpful!" It’s Done iPhone app helps you instantly recall later the tasks you do now. Did you lock the door? Turn off the stove? Take your vitamin? Everyday tasks are so quickly done that it’s hard to remember later whether you actually did them! It’s Done gives you perfect recall of completed tasks. So when that uneasy thought occurs, “Did I remember to…?”, It’s Done iPhone app lets you confidently confirm the task is done. No need to check or re-check. No worries at all.

Unlike calendar and task apps that nag you to do things, It’s Done iPhone app quickly confirms completion of routine tasks. After all, most people don’t need reminders for daily tasks. The problem is recalling later whether or not you actually did it. Everyone knows that feeling! It’s Done solves the problem and eliminates that feeling of uncertainty.

It’s Done iPhone app is the perfect app for anyone who’s ever forgotten anything. It’s also ideal for those suffer with short-term memory loss due to brain injury, dementia, or other related medical conditions.

Here’s how it works: Fifteen minutes after you leave the house, you think, “Did I turn off the stove?” Rather than run back home to check, simply look at your It’s Done iPhone app. The check mark you made when you turned off the stove confirms it’s done. If there’s no check-mark, you better go back. It’s Done just saved your day from disaster.

It's Done iPhone app can even notify others by text or email that a task is done. Rest easy that mom took her medicine or the kids locked the door.

It’s Done iPhone app has a beautiful user interface that’s super helpful, highly intuitive, and makes managing your to-do list fun!

Choose from 40 everyday tasks in the Task Library or create your own task list. Pre-loaded tasks include:
-Lock back/front door
-Turn off stove
-Take morning/evening medication
-Feed the cat/dog
-Close garage door
-Lock the car
-Turn off iron
-And many more…

• Set up tasks list using your It's Done iPhone app to repeat daily or at scheduled intervals.

• Each completed task is confirmed with a date/time stamp and stored in the app’s history.

• Un-checking a task allows it to be check-marked “done” again with a new date/time stamp. Useful for tasks that need to be done multiple times in a day.

• Check-mark “click” sound and accompanying vibration provide audible and tactile memory cues that an item on your task list is done.

• Conveniently categorize and prioritize items with the task scheduler according to type and importance.

• Automatically sends text and/or email confirmation of task completion to loved ones, caregivers, or others.

• Handy reminder alarm for time-sensitive tasks (take medicine at 9 A.M., etc.).

• Readily attachable notes for additional task information.

• It's Done iPhone app opens quickly to current day’s task list. Easy navigation by day and date allows review of past tasks completed or future tasks scheduled.

Super helpful website has User Guide videos, FAQs, and Reviews. Visit and "Like" us at

Download the It’s Done iPhone app today!

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