JAB - Boxing Interval Timer

发行商: Mark Prutskiy
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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

JAB - is a modern, professional, multifunctional timer for boxing which combined the conventional timer but added the new features, that will make a training process easier and more enjoyable.

Accessible and intuitive interface, flexible round time settings, elaborate design and legible dial. It’s all in one app.
The function of listening to music during workout is foresee in the app. Connect your Apple Music or Spotify account and enjoy the training process with your favorite music. The workout with JAB will be much more valuable both for a beginner and a skilled athlete.

The outstanding feature of JAB - is a «Intense» function.
With the help of this easy but useful addition the users will get the opportunity to divide a round into the equal segments which will be distinguished by sound and light signals.
This function is necessary for the interval work in training session, which is applied in the majority kinds of sports.
If we take into account boxing function, «Intense» is necessary for interval workout on the equipments, shadow boxing or for working off in pairs.

JAB features:
* Easy round's time settings: prepare, warning, intense and rest
* Function «Intense» helps to divide a round into the equal segments
* Intuitive interface, legible dial
* Listen to music in Apple Music or Spotify on choice, without leaving JAB
* Professionally tuned presets for different types of training sessions
* Clear sound and light signals
* Works in the background mode (! With the screen off as well)
* Available to use in vertical and horizontal position of the screen

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