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喷气式战斗机战争飞机 - 战斗战斗机

发行商: Sandeep Bhandari
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Fly the F-18 fighter jet in this amazing flight simulator air attack game, the war has just started with Russian naval warfare. Air strikes against the navy gunship battle at its best in the open sea. Combating the Russian navy warship enemies, jet fighter planes and drones to fight till the end.

Enemy F16 Jet Fighter planes are doing flights in your territory. Rally up your firepower in an extreme air combat against F16 Jet Fighter jets to save your ships and aircraft career.

- F18 Fighter Jets
- Navy destroyers
- Ship carriers
- Naval war ships gunship battle
- Amazing 3D environments
- Drone attacks
- Flight Simulator game

Are you looking for a free Jet Fighter game in which you can fly your most favorite advanced Jet through the skies and that can teach you about landing, take-off and deadly air strike of Jet Fighter? If yes, then Real fighter Air Simulator is best choice for you because in this Jet Fighter game you have an opportunity to Take-off, Landing and as well as dogfight with number of air crafts and Jet Fighters. You will involve into air to air attack and air to ground attack missions and dangerous landing operations. This Real fighter Air Simulator is based on realistic flight simulator where you have to pilot a war machine thrusting in air towards the enemy base camps.

Jet Fighter Air Simulator is a free offline air war Jet Fighter game but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items. Let's enjoy the bomber plane simulator 3d.

Did you ever see a dream to fly in air ever before on a super-fast F-16 Fighter jet. If yes then now it’s time to make your dream true. Just assume that you have joined air force recently. And now you are brave air commander to protect your country from rivals attacks. Prepare your jetpack to clear the battlefield successfully.
Jet Fighter Dogfight Chase is an modern military jet fighting and aircraft Combat flight simulation game. Dogfight means aerial war or fight between jet fighters or Air Fighters.
Jet Fighter City Attack is a fighter plane flight simulator and war simulation game that takes you to a battlefield scenario where the crime city of San Andreas is under siege by a terrorist group, from within, and things are getting serious as the terrorist group has taken control of the army tanks and is now roaming around the crime city in these state of the art army tanks!
The government has called in a city wide airstrike to completely eliminate the threat and you are the leading F-18 fighter pilot, airborne to lock on these enemy tanks and shoot them into the space. This is a modern combat situation where you have to fly the F-18 fighter jet into a city with huge skyscrapers and avoid hitting them, finding your way to the target tanks to shoot them down trying to cause minimum damage to public property.

F18 Jet Fighter Simulator 3D is an all out thrill seeking, action-packed, jet fighter flying simulation game. Take to the skies and fly military F-18 jet planes, used in the real world by the actual army! You'll be given top secret objectives that will order you to take out enemy army bases and outposts spread out through the huge open world! It is up to you, a rookie fighter pilot to complete each strike mission and return to become a pro fighter pilot.


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