Puzzle X: 拼图 - 解决谜语 - 逻辑游戏

发行商: GODO Games LLC
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Puzzles X a simply and beautifully crafted app. Every puzzle in our app has been created with love. Big gallery with only beautiful paintings and photos which always updates with new additions.
One of the advantages of this app is the ability to create your own puzzles from your own photos and share them with your friends. Just choose a photo of nature or any item in your photo gallery and the app will make it into a puzzle.

Our puzzles are good for both children and adults. Children can pick from a variety of bright and simple photos and the app will make the puzzle simpler for them. Pick a number of pieces you want the puzzle to be. You can choose less pieces for children so the pieces are larger and it’s easier for them to put the puzzle together.

Adults can break more sophisticated photos into a larger amount of pieces. Or simply choose a simpler puzzle and just relax on a nice evening at home or anywhere you are. Meditation and anti-stress is what you will get from putting puzzles together.

Puzzles and secrets mode are for those who want to energize their brain a little more. You will pick a more sophisticated photo with a larger amount of pieces. In this case you will need to use some more logic and patience to finish the puzzle.

Play and enjoy! Relax and train your brain at the same time.

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