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Jungle Gem Blast

发行商: CookApps
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Hidden deep in the jungle stands an ancient structure known among explorers as the Crystal Temple.

Stories say it holds an unimaginable trove of gems and jewels - but only the best puzzle solvers can help themselves to its riches.

Blast your way through hundreds of clever match 3 puzzles, crush gems and jewels, explore the secret jungle temple and recover ancient riches in this exciting treasure hunt adventure!

Game Features:
- Classic match 3 games fun: Match, blast, and crush gems and jewels in fun and challenging puzzles
- Hundreds of clever levels: Each level brings lots of new and exciting challenges to tease your brain
- Addictive and challenging jewel crush gameplay: Match special gems and jewels, set off their special abilities, and use powerful boosters to help solve the puzzles
- No life, stamina or energy: Play as much as you want without waiting to recharge
- A jewel crush cascade: Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Crystal, Jade, Opal - a treasure trove of precious jewels is waiting for you to crush them

On top of all of this, Jungle Gem Blast is as lightweight as possible for your enjoyment! No huge download, no distracting bells and whistles, no internet needed to play - we only care about your puzzle adventure fun!

Jungle Gem Blast's jewel crush puzzles are difficult enough to challenge even veteran puzzle game fans, but start off easy enough for beginning puzzlers to learn the ropes. With a trove of clever levels, obstacles, and puzzles, there is fun and excitement to be had for anyone. So what are you waiting for? Throw on your tomb raider hat and get ready for a gemstone treasure hunt! If you like puzzle games and free match 3 games, Jungle Gem Blast is the puzzle adventure game for you!

Welcome to the jungle!


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382 条评价


I love this game. But, for the last month and a half I have been stuck on level 1980. No matter how many times I win, it will not advance to the next level. Also, when I should be given a chance to use coins for five more moves, the game quits and I have to start over. Please fix these glitches!!! I don’t want to start over and lose all the coins and extras I have built up. As I said, I really like this game and want to continue playing without losing anything. Thanks in advance



You will spend more time watching game previews than you will playing the game. Every other round is at least 2 thirty second clips of other games.


Recent issue

I have played and love this this game for years but after clearing level 1980 a week or so ago, no new levels have been added. Please fix this. Thanks


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