Karate Kung Fu Fighter Girls

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Do your best to collect all gold medals and have fun with Karate Kung Fu Fighter Girls!

Join the Women Karate World Cup! Face different opponents using different martial arts like a jiu-jitsu, Muaythai, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo - and show them who is the true martial artist here!

Check different tournaments – from regional championship to the World Cup – collect all possible rewards and be ready to the even more impressive trial! Choose the athlete and country – your sportswoman can be a citizen of any nation! Japan, United Mexican States, even Commonwealth of Australia – feel like a real-life karate champion!

Earn points and awards, unlock new types of contest – duel mode, stair mode, survival mode and others! Fight against dangerous opponents from different nations using different strikes and punches from boxing, wrestling or even capoeira – and beat them one by one without mercy!

Become the strongest female ever and conquer the champion's belt with your own fists playing Karate Kung Fu Fighter Girls

Karate Kung Fu Fighter Girls Features:

Ultimate Women Karate fighting tournament simulator
Opportunity to check different athletes from all over the world
Unlockable strikes, punches, and kicks from different fighting styles
Various arenas and contest types

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