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发行商: Keeano PC
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone



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Meet keeano and change the way you explore, plan and experience Mediterranean Coastlines, either traveling by boat or by car.

**Join Keeano Community**
-Be part of an active community of 60.000+ travelers. Create your profile for free.
-Choose between "By Land" (city OR off-road car) OR "By Sea" (Sailing Vessel, Pleasure craft, or other) and explore places on the map, distinguished by your way of reaching them.
-Select your personal interests, meaning your preferred activities or needs around the Coastline, with options spanning from Sailing to Scuba diving, Snorkeling, or traveling by family and see places that matter to you.

**Contribute to the Community**
-Report anything happening on the coastline, from jellyfish to high beach occupancy or a boat accident, while being on the spot, letting the community know.
-Edit information or suggest new undiscovered places right from the map. Expand the coastlines and put your name in the board of creators.
-Upload your photos of your visits to any place, create Reviews for each one and interact with other users’ reviews.

**"Coast View"**
-Subscribe to "Coast View" service and discover the new way boaters and travelers explore the Mediterranean Coastline through a unique visual experience.
-Navigate by swiping among 800.000 Georeferenced "helicopter viewpoint" photos and discover hidden and must-visit beaches, secluded coves, remote anchorages, marinas' details, and shelters, making your daily planning a game.
-Unlock "Premium Place Gallery" section in every place card and enjoy close-up photographs revealing anchorages, beaches, moorings spots, and more.
-Search, Swipe, GO!

**Route Planning for boats - Free**
-Plot the fastest route to sail and have an actual route towards your place of choice around the Mediterranean coastline, by using "Automated Route Planning".
-Save your routes on lists for a quick future reference or share it with your crew, boat friends, or fellow travelers.

**Internet AIS – Free**
-Observe coast occupancy in places, by using Live Vessels map layer.
-See what’s going on in any anchorage, before reaching it.

For more information about the App and its features follow us on Facebook and Instagram by searching "keeanoapp” or navigate to our website:

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