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Keep Current allows you to quickly and easily track the multitude of currencies required to make sure you're both safe and legal when you go flying.

Designed by military aircrew, Keep Current allows you to quickly add new currencies or update your existing ones - Simply put in the currency name, completion date and validity period and its expiry date is automatically calculated; or if you prefer you can input the expiry date manually instead, giving you maximum control. Your currencies list is colour-coded and can be easily searched; you can also set it to be sorted "expiring soonest", "completed recently" or alphabetically, making it easy for you to prioritise what's important.

Keep Current also includes reminders to warn you when your currency is about to expire and again on the expiration date, ensuring you never forget to book that all important simulator trip again. There's no limit to what you can add; from medical and dental assessments, to instrument ratings and airworthiness certifications.

Keep Current for Aircrew: The Flying Currencies Tracker.

• App includes licensed artwork by Freepik and Gregor Cresnar from

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