Kids playing piano

发行商: Kjartan Leine
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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This piano app has the following features:

- Contains over 400 songs. Most are in American, English or Norwegian.
- You can listen to the songs.
- You can learn how to play the songs by following the falling tiles.
- You can adjust the tempo while listening or playing.
- You get a score depending on how proper you play.
- The app saves the best result for each song. Maximum score is 1000.
- You can read the lyrics to the first verse in most songs as you listen or play.
- If you release a key, the sound fades out faster.
- The app is designed for iPad and iPhone.
- The app has its own colorful "baby piano mode" for the very youngest kids.

The app does not contain advertisements, links or purchase-in-app.

The app has been developed by a teacher with music education who has worked in primary school for more than 20 years. He has also given piano lessons to a lot of kids.

The lyrics to a few of the songs are copyrighted and therefore cannot be published.

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