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Highly curated educational videos, quizzes, and games for kids in the age group of 8-11.

Discover a world of possibilities with hours of unique, educational entertainment shows for your kids.

Ignite your kids curiosity with videos & quizzes that answer the real questions kids have and games that reinforce the concepts they learn in the classrooms. Help them explore the world around them through Da Vinci’s exciting, fun edutainment-on-demand service.

The app features:
- Full episodes
- Expertly curated, kidsafe content
- Editorial highlights
- 350+ hours of edutainment
- 8 Educational Games made by Da Vinci : Fractions, Prime Numbers, Plotting Angles, Plotting Graphs, Roman Numbers, Art Activities, Memory Game, and more coming soon...
- 20+ Quiz activities
- 36 Badges to earn
- No advertisements
- Multi-audio and localized in English, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, and Indonesian.

Access 2500+ award-winning, curriculum-based and funny videos available streaming and on-demand, to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Content designed to help give your child the superpowers of knowledge, creativity and curiosity – what we believe are the drivers of intellect.

Videos featuring humour, imagination and meaningful education that span Science, Math & Tech, Play & Make, History & Personalities, Culture, Life & Nature, Sports & Leisure.

Your kids can learn at their own pace, exploring a wide range of educational entertainment, and allow you peace of mind. Our content has been hand-screened and selected, never with commercials.

CURIOSITY ON DEMAND – Our videos, quizzes, and games are dedicated to opening minds, and answer every ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ that little minds love to ask.
GIVE THEM A HEADSTART – It’s proven that children learn better when they’re having fun, and Da Vinci will help them get ahead of the class.
SAFE AND SECURE – Leave your kids to learn at their pace, and give yourself real peace of mind with engaging family friendly content.
BIGGER AND BETTER – Access the largest library of education videos available from our ever-growing selection.

Download now to try it for FREE!

Note: Da Vinci Kids is a freemium product with both free and paid content. The paid content is offered as a subscription service which can be cancelled anytime!

In-App Subscription Options*:

“Da Vinci Learner", "Da Vinci Explorer", and "Da Vinci Superhero" Subscriptions unlock all of the premium content for the subscribed duration.

*Subscription will automatically renew each month, within 24 hours of its expiration. Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. To stop auto-renewal, turn off the feature in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours prior to your subscription’s expiration. Current, active subscriptions cannot be cancelled.

Privacy policy: https://www.davincikids.tv/kids-app-privacy-policy/
Terms of service: https://www.davincikids.tv/terms-of-service/

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