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Join to Kings of Mathematics and improve your math skills by playing!

In the Pro-version:
- no advertisements
- additional themes
- examination

In the game "Kings of mathematics" you will needed to quickly solve tasks on different themes in mathematics.
Each topic contains 6 lessons with increasing difficulty! The tasks are generated by the algorithm, so you can play one lesson a few times - each time the lesson will be different.
Solve tasks, move from simple to complex, and gain points on the math!
Collect stars, get new ranks and share your results with your friends and the world!

Apart from the main progress, the game gives you the opportunity to train in the mode "Fast training". In this mode, you will be answer to random questions from all topics in mathematics. Practise, improve their mental abilities, sharpen the intellect!

The game "Kings of mathematics" - a great way to restore and improve your math skills, to keep your brain in good shape, with a lot of fun!

This game will appeal to all lovers of mathematics exercises count rate, gaming associated with calculations, smart, educational and logic games with arithmetic and acumen.

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