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KJV Audio Bible (King James Version). Bible for Free Download for learning in God’s teaching. This app is one way to close in God with not a book. You can download the application free to use on your smartphone and praise or met to holy spirit in easier.
KJV Audio Bible King Jame Version has a story of Jesus, human, sin and God’s plan to help us from disaster and sin forever. This app has God’s teaching in 2 sections is the Old testament and the New testament total 66 chapters.
The Old testament was written before Jesus born in Hebrew language. When the Old testament into the application KJV version, it is easy to use because anybody can hear the King jame version bible x in English version which easy to understand without so much as doing to change language in the app.
Application developer was developed the application to complete and understanding any user that they can access the KJV Bible easy in 2 ways:
1st KJV (King James Version) for reading was made, you concentrate on God’s teaching when you are offline status.
2nd KJV (King James Version) for listening is like you are hearing God’s sound and God will tell a story of bible to you. You will see something great, see the importance of bible form use the app in listening version and stay in offline and online status.
To understanding in God’s teaching are a lot to learn. If you need to share some text that you love with your friend, just copy that text and share it on social media to share you loved and your kind with our word by KJV application as well.

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