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Kungfu Heroes

发行商: Wenxi Chen
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Classic Martial Art OPEN WORLD 2020
◤ The place to regain martial artist dream ◢
Retro martial artist strategy mobile game with various gameplays: free to learn and combine martial art techniques, meridian cultivation; duel with other martial artists any time anywhere; cross-server contest to fight with players across the globe. In here, you get to choose your lifestyle in the martial world: take up your sword to be the chivalrous swordsman or to be the supreme master dominating the Jianghu. What's your choice gonna be?

-Cross-service War - competing for supremacy in Martial World
Since ancient times, all want to be the first place in martial art power. Cross-service tournaments can let you experience the pleasure of dominating the martial world. As long as you have the strength, you can become the top player in the game and rule the Jianghu.

-Meridian cultivation - unleash unlimited power
Collect the nine needles of the Yellow Emperor to boost the eight meridians, breaking the power cap of martial artists, learning advanced techniques, and get to change the appearances to enjoy the different styles.

-Huge World Map - Explore the open world
The super-large map restores the martial world, where players can freely explore classic scenes such as Peach Blossom Island, Wuliang Mountain, and Condor Cave; connect with many famous heroes to venture into Jianghu together.

-Leisure AFK - Explore treasures in caves
AFK system allows you to exploit resources while you were offline. Rich and interesting cave exploration gameplay offer super-rich rewards, challenge BOSS to get exclusive rewards!

-Participate in the story - Choose to be Good or Evil
There are fourteen stories that you get to play a major part in and decide where do they lead to. And you get to choose help Guo Jing to learn the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms? Or keep it to yourself.


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8 条评价

Sloppy coding

Even though the game is kinda cute, it’s mostly a rip off of everything thing in it’s genre. If there weren’t so many glitches I’d give it 3.5 stars, for example, I’m currently hard locked in the game because I disconnected during one of it’s tutorials, and since it only lets you click on a non-existent button to continue, I can’t do anything anymore. Additionally, stats are very hard to understand especially your teammates’. There need to be a few optimization and user interface changes before it can be playable.



Playing the game a few minutes game is auto close in iPhone 6 12.4.8 please slove it


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