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Langrisser SEA

发行商: ZlongGames
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Langrisser SEA's All-new Maiden Voyage update is here! New heroes Young Jessica and Emilia now embark on an epic mission. A new chapter "Langrisser IV Prelude" arrives in the Time Rift, and the legend of Yeless begins once more! The Apex Arena Season 2 Elimination phase is now underway! 

Legendary Japanese Strategy RPG Langrisser is back! Join us on a new adventure overseen by Langrisser's original developers, featuring the voiceover talents of the original cast and world-class music from Langrisser's original composer, Noriyuki Iwadare! Relive the strategy of the original series!

The newest official instalment of the "Langrisser" series and its first outing on mobile. This game features a thrilling new storyline set in a grand fantasy world! Storm the battlefield as you encounter your enemy's units, use terrain bonuses to plan your strategy, and devise the ultimate tactics to achieve victory!

Engage in exhilarating battles with Langrisser's most popular heroes. Take on players in real-time turn-based combat and experience a range of challenging gameplay modes, each unique in its own way!

Integrating elements from the entire series, this game features classic battles from the five main titles, totalling more than 300 stages! Each hero has their own independent class tree. You can upgrade and customise them depending on the challenges ahead.



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