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Lash Lift NYC is the #1 eyelash lifting salon in Manhattan. We specially perform lash lift (AKA LVL) and tint services. Lash Lift NYC also performs Microblading which is new trend of permanent makeup technique.

Dear eyelash extension lovers,
Have you felt that your service requires high maintenance and take your time and money too much?
Have you felt that your natural lashes are falling off after lash extension sessions go by again and again?
Have you thought that lash extension glue will damage your health such as cancer or other side effects?
If you get Lash Lift (AKA LVL) service;
You are free to maintain your lashes for 2 months.
You are free every morning from clipping your lash with a curler.
You are free to go to hot sauna, swimming, beach or any type of water activity.
You are free to use any type of mascara if you want to have it additionally.
Lash Lift service will curl your natural lashes from the root straight upward so you can see your hidden lash length.
Try this great alternative lash service and save your time and big money!
We will bring out your natural beauty and you will be satisfied!

* History

Established in 2017.

We have had eyelash perm and eyelash extension service for over 10 years.
Many lash extension lovers have 2 negative feedbacks and stop getting the service. One is "High maintenance", and the other is "Falling off natural lashes".
Lash Lift (AKA LVL) technique can be the solution and be the alternative.
In addition to this, Microblading which is new trend of permanent makeup was adopted.
Now, we touch your lash and brow, and bring out natural beauty~

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