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Learn the basics on how the Fishbone (or Cause and Effect) Diagram can be used to explore in increasing detail all the possible causes of a problem or issue. If done properly and completely, the cause(s) of the problem should be somewhere listed on the Diagram. This app is designed for anyone who wants to effectively solve problems via Total Employee Involvement. Associates, Managers, and Executives with either some or no experience with Lean will benefit from this app. Engaging employees in the Fishbone analysis will help facilitate a greater number of potential solutions on how to improve a process or solve a problem.

Content Includes:
- Multi-functional content covering what a Fishbone (or Cause and Effect) Diagram is and how it can be effective in continuous improvement projects
- Simple, effective steps and examples of Fishbone Diagrams
- The ability to conduct/create a Fishbone Diagramming session, output it as a pdf or png file, and have access to previous Fishbone Diagrams
- Conduct and customize a Fishbone Diagram assessment on your device
- Record, assign, and track Action Items
- Access to the Assessment file in Excel for customization
- A Lean Sigma puzzle to keep your mind active

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