Leap Frogger - Leap to Live!

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Touch, stretch and release Leap Frogger to see him jump around!

Manoeuvre Leap Frogger around the pond with simple controls and watch him jump around in the moonlight. The game is just as simple as it can be.

You begin by touching your Leap Frogger with your finger, stretching him backwards, setting an angle and releasing him to propel him forward. Leaves provide the landing pads but weaken with Leap Frogger’s weight in seconds. If Leap Frogger lands in water, don’t worry! He just has to try again! Remember, he is not very fond of water.

Several power-ups help Leap Frogger while the enemies hinder his movement. Use them to collect as many points as possible!

Compete with friends in the local and global scoreboards! It’s the survival of the fittest!

Connect on Twitter, Facebook, or through personal messaging, and share your game experience and scoring with friends!


- Simple game controls - touch, stretch, angle and release
- Helpful power-ups and natural enemies
- Local and global scoreboards - find out how well gamers are playing around the world!
- Beautiful graphics with fun sound effects
- Facebook & Twitter connectivity. Connect with friends through messaging as well!

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