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Speak in English with the heroes of the educational game LetMeSpeak! Train your speaking and follow the plot!

Together with the main character Max, you will study the most necessary and common expressions that will be useful to you in travel, communication, at work. Playing the game, you will train spoken English, learn to understand speech by ear, expand your vocabulary, and finally understand why there are so many different words and rules in English grammar!

For the most diligent users, we have over 1000 grammar exercises. And, of course, a good knowledge of grammar will allow your hero to feel free in the city - which means that new locations, stories, characters will become available!

For those who are going on a trip, we have ready-made phrasebooks for different occasions.
All materials are prepared and voiced by native speakers. The translation of any phrase can be viewed in one click.

As the story develops in the game, you learn more complex words and expressions, and events in the lives of the characters become more interesting and eventful!

Questions? Send us message at help@letmespeak.pro


- Subscribe for unlimited access to all of our dialogs, grammars and exercises.
- Choose from weekly, monthly, 6 month or 12 month plans.*
- Payment is easy using your iTunes account.
- Your incredible program will automatically renew to keep you in shape.
- Should your needs change, you can always manage your subscription preferences in iTunes Account Settings

*The price is equivalent to the value in “Apple’s App Store Matrix,” determined according to the subscription price in $USD.

Privacy Policy: https://www.letmespeak.pro/privacy
Terms of Use: https://www.letmespeak.pro/terms

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