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Learn Machine Learning PRO

发行商: Shahbaz Khan
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Learn Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence + Python Data Science + Deep learning + Python Data Structure + Statistics + Linear Algebra + Pytorch + Tensorflow + Python Packages + Python 3 + Machine learning Tutorials & Projects and more without Ads and OFFLINE. This is an Excellent Guide to the Machine Learning with Python for building Intelligent web and Mobile Apps. If you are a new developer and thinking of learning Machine Learning With Python then this app is going to be your best friend. Machine Learning is basically the field of computer science with the help of which computer systems can provide sense to data in much the same way as human beings do.

What you will learn in this app?

1- Learn Python 3 Programming
2- Development Guide for TensorFlow
3- Development Guide for Pytorch
4- Learn Python Data Science
5- Learn Machine Learning with Python
6- Getting familiar Python Ecosystem for Machine Learning
7- Learn Methods for Machine Learning
8- Learn Statistics
9- Learn Linear Algebra & Probability
10- Learn Python Packages (Numpy, Scipy, etc)
11- Learn Deep Learning
12- Learn Python Structure
13- Interview Questions and Answers
14- Learn Python Features

Some of the other topics:

Machine Learning Algorithms Introduction
Learn Machine Learning Logistic Regression
Support Vector Machine
Machine Learning Decision Tree
Learn Machine Learning Naïve Bayes
Learn Machine Learning Random Forest

Machine Learning Algorithms Regression

Intro to Machine Learning Algorithms:
Intro to Linear Regression in Machine Learning

ML Algorithms Clustering
Machine Learning Algorithms Clustering Overview
K-Means Algorithm
Mean Shift Algorithm
Hierarchical Clustering
ML Algorithms − KNN Algorithm
Finding Nearest Neighbors in Machine Learning
Learning Performance Metrics
Learn Automatic Workflows in Machine Learning
Improving Performance of ML Models

Some of the topic we cover in TensorFlow Guide
Introduction to TensorFlow
Understanding Artificial Intelligence TensorFlow tutorial
Learn TensorFlow Mathematical Foundations
Learn Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Learn the Basics of TensorFlow
Convolutional Neural Networks Tensorflow Tutorial
TensorFlow Word Embedding
Single Layer Perceptron in TensorFlow
Guide to TensorFlow Hidden Layers of Perceptron
Building Image Recognition using TensorFlow
Guide to TensorFlow Gradient Descent Optimization
Learn TensorFlow Complete Guide

Some of the topic we cover in Data Science Guide

Python Data Science Introduction
Python Data Science Environment Setup
Data Operations in Numpy
Data Cleansing in Python Data Science
Processing CSV Data in Python data Science
Intro to Relational Databases
NoSQL Databases & Learn much more in Python Data Science

Some of the topic we cover in Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Systems
Research areas Artificial Intelligence tutorial
Artificial Intelligence Agents and Environments
Popular Search Algorithms Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Fuzzy Logic System
Robotics Artificial Intelligence
Learn Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks
Solving Artificial Intelligence Issues

.... and much much more

This app will also be useful for graduates, postgraduates, and research students who either have an interest in this subject or have this subject as a part of their curriculum.


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