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Learn Photoshop CS6 Quickstart edition

发行商: Serge Ramelli
价格: 5.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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CREATE STUNNING PHOTOS using the new Photoshop CC

In 11 videos you will get a good start at using the powerful Photoshop CC.

NO technical jargon used without a simple explanation. More importantly get straight to work doing stunning landscapes.

FREE with the app: Access to amazing high-res pictures (raw files), so you can follow along the retouch process and get the same results !

- Are you tired of all the theory and technical jargon you have to wade through before getting to the point?

- Do you want to master the industry-leading digital darkroom in no time ? 

- Do you want to see the full workflow of a pro photographer who is specialized in landscapes ?

- Do you want tutorials that are easy to understand and fun ? 

This tutorial is probably what you are looking for.

Serge Ramelli a French photographer who specialized in urban/landscapes photography over the last 6 years and is known for his very simple way of teaching. 

You will find various unique tips and tricks to get the most out of your photos.

 Serge is known for his very unique way of teaching, with 2 main rules :

1. No technical terms explained with technical words, but with a simple English.

2. No theory, practical and visual examples only.

Some reviews of Serge's photoshop’s tutorials:

Ideal! *****
"this is the ideal way to learn. I tried stumbling through on my own and i tried purchasing books from the bookstore. there are way too many features, settings and options. the app walks you through step by step all the basic (yet powerful) ways to edit your images. ideal for me!"

"I'm a fan" *****

Your training is fantastic, I want to thank you for the happiness your brought me with these training. I bought all of your training and used it with great success"

«Great and to the point App» ******
Just brought it last night and already have done two lessons. Very clear and to the point... Great App. A must have in my book.

«Incredible !» *****

«Very good training. This is not the first or the last training I will take from Serge.»

Chapter's summary:

Let's go over what we are going to do in this training videos.

Tutorial # 1 Camera Raw Basics Part 1
In this video, We go over all the basic retouching tools of Photoshop CC.
Duration: 23mn

Tutorial # 2 Camera Raw Basics Part 2
In this video, we start using more local retouching tools for a more precise retouching.
Duration: 20mn

Tutorial # 3 Camera Raw Basics Part 3
In this video, we get into a more complex post processing retouch with a sunset photo.
Duration: 22 minutes

Tutorial # 4 Camera Raw Basics Part 4
We play around with special effects with a portrait in order to create a stunning photo.
Duration: 7mn

Tutorial # 5 Camera Raw Basics Part 5
We look at the amazing new upright function to correct perspective distortion.
Duration : 8mn

Tutorial # 6 Sky replacement Pont Neuf
This is an introduction into the use of layers, masks and blend modes. We add some nice clouds to a photo from the pont neuf bridge in Paris
Duration: 21mn

Tutorial # 7 Sky replacement Jerusalem
We continue exploring other blending modes and add some drama to the gated of Jerusalem !
Duration: 15mn

Tutorial # 8 Shoot into the sun
Digital blending is the most powerful way to restore the dynamic range of a photo with a natural result
Duration: 14mn

Tutorial # 9 HDR tone Map Photoshop vs Camera Raw
We are going to do two types of HDR with the same 3 bracketed photos; 1. Classic HDR with tone mapping in Photoshop; 2. The new 32 bit HDR with tone mapping in Camera Raw
Duration: 21 minutes

Tutorial # 10 HDR 3 techniques
This time we compare 3 techniques 1. Tone mapping Photoshop, Tone mapping Camera Raw and getting the best of the normal exposure and we compare the results!
Duration: 15 minutes

Tutorial # 11 Making an HDR with 1 file
We will show you how to give an HDR look to just one raw file.
Duration: 15 minutes


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