Learn to Read, Write and Count

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Using these 3 award winning apps, your child will learn to read, write and count while having fun! These 3 Montessori-based learning apps have been awarded Editor's choice from Children Technology Review, and get 5 star ratings from several educational app review sites. This bundle offers a $2.99 savings, compared to buying the apps individually.

The apps include activities based on the Montessori teaching method. Thanks to the new possibilities introduced by the iPad & the iPhone, we expanded these activities to make your child more independent in his/her learning. Through interactivity introduced in these activities, kids are always guided and can move forward at their own pace.

In addition, we've made a point to make these activities really fun for kids, so they want to use them again and again!

In summary, adults like these apps because they are based on strong foundation for learning, and kids love them because they are fun!

About the Apps:

• Writing Wizard •
This app is designed to help every child learn how to trace letters and words through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation. The app is fully customizable to suit every child's needs, and lets you check their progress through a system of reports and profiles.
- Upper and lower case letters, and numbers
- 3 most popular fonts (ZB, DN, HWT)
- Add your own words (e.g. your child's name) !
- Letter sounds/phonics, and you can record audio for each word you add
- Detailed reports provide information on what kids have done, including the ability to replay the tracings to view kids' progress

• Montessori Crosswords •
This app helps kids develop their reading, writing, and spelling skills by building words from a set of 320 word-image-audio-phonics combinations using a phonics-enabled movable alphabet.
Your child will learn two fundamental concepts:
- First, the app helps kids understand that words are made up of sounds or phonemes (phonemic awareness). For each word, your kids can touch the empty rectangles where letters must be dragged to complete the word, and hear the sound the corresponding letter produces.
- Secondly, the app helps kids memorize the phonics associated with letters by providing a phonics-enabled alphabet where kids can touch each letter and hear the associated phonic.

• Montessori Numbers •
This app is designed to help build sound mathematical foundations in children aged 3-7 by using a concrete, visually significant material inspired from the Montessori methodology.
- Learn to count up to 999 (the app can pronounce any number from 0 to 1000)
- Associate quantities with numerals/numbers
- Experiment with quantities and learn their names
- Learn the numerals and their names
- Understand the decimal system and place value



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