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Learnji: Italian Vocabulary is your italian vocabulary app that helps you learn, memorize and remember over 1300 everyday italian words, verbs, adjectives and more - with emoji.

Once you start studying words with Learnji, the app can test you words every day, like a good teacher! Example: Do you know how to say ◀ ("triangle") in italian?


• Receive daily tests to never forget about learning
• Tap emojis to show and hide its meaning (just like flash cards)
• Shake device to shuffle emojis
• Study population count of 376 countries
• Test your friends anytime sending text messages
• Learn words with emojis categorized into 31 categories

Learn words organized into these dictionary categories: "Useful", "Smileys and People", "Professions", "Emoji faces", "Gestures", "Day", "Night", "Time", "Old technology", "Related to phones", "Animals and Nature", "Holidays", "Travel and Places", "Africa", "North and South America", "Europe", "Asia and Oceania", "Activity", "Roger Federer", "Love", "Crime", "Numbers", "Food and Drink", "Breakfast", "Objects", "At the office", "Zodiac signs", "Symbols" and "Population".


• Dyslexia special: increase legibility with a custom designed dyslexia font

►ABOUT Learnji:

Learnji is your ideal companion app to learn everyday words/verbs/adjectives/expressions quickly. It doesn't matter if you're learning in school, in a language course or even if you're already familiar learning with great other apps such as Duolingo, Mindsnacks, Babbel, Memrise and more.

You use emoji every day? You want to learn basic vocabulary in a foreign language? Learnji will teach you something fun each time you open the app up.

►MORE LANGUAGES, discover the Learnji family

The following Learnji apps exist:

• Learnji: English Vocabulary
• Learnji: French Vocabulary
• Learnji: German Vocabulary
• Learnji: Italian Vocabulary
• Learnji: Portuguese Vocabulary
• Learnji: Spanish Vocabulary
• Learnji: Chinese Vocabulary
• Learnji: Korean Vocabulary
• Learnji: Japanese Vocabulary

in addition to these dedicated single language apps, you can find Learnji+ as one app that includes ALL of the above languages and lets you compare them against each other for extra fun. It lets you practice and learn as many languages at the same time as you want.

Simply search for "Learnji" on the App Store and decide for yourself :)

►FIND Learnji:

• Learnji on Twitter https://twitter.com/learnjiapp
• Developer on Twitter https://twitter.com/s2imon

Download Learnji now to practice basic italian vocabulary!

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