Lehra Studio Sarangi

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Kalyan Studio Apps is quite simply the masters in bringing you quality Indian Classical apps which feature real instruments. After the success of Lehra Studio Pro & Ultimate, we have heard your requests and created an app built solely on Sarangi to enhance your riaz experience.

True to its name, Sarangi is an instrument which truly embodies ‘rang’ or ‘colour’. Being the instrument closest to the human voice, the Sarangi is the most sought-after instrument for Indian Classical accompaniment. It is therefore no surprise, that lehra of Sarangi is the very popular amongst tabla players for both riaz, and live solo performances.

Lehra Studio Sarangi comes jam-packed with all the features distinguishable to Kalyan Studio apps;

- The easy-to-use and polished interface

- The scale changer which allows pitch manipulation from for the entire octave

- The fine-tune slider, allowing the tabla player to calibrate according to their individual requirements

- The accurate counter display, featuring accurate matra and BPM

-The lehra and tanpura volume bars, allowing for precise manipulation of volume

Lehra Studio Sarangi’s app library consists of 3 world-renowned and esteemed Sarangi artists, 25 artist-specific raags and 12 taals. Lehra Studio Sarangi has the biggest sarangi lehra library available for any desktop or mobile application!

Lehra Studio Sarangi’s best features are its amazing sarangi players, many who are household names. Lehra Studio Sarangi has a complety new collection of Lehra from Ustad Roshan Ali Khan, Sangeet Misra, and the young & talented, Momin Khan. The sarangi lehra provides a wonderful mood for tabla riaz.

Whether you are a learner, or a seasoned professional, its difficult to resist practising to Lehra Studio Sarangi!

While other apps use computerised sounds or have limited features, Lehra Studio does not compromise on sound or quality, continually providing you with real recorded loops from the best. Lehra Studio offers a sleek, user-friendly interface that beginners and professionals can start using effectively straight away.

Download Lehra Studio Sarangi for a free 3-day trial, and accelerate your tabla riaz today!

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