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Life-Changing Food

价格: 15.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Life-Changing Food, the best-selling cookbook from Quirky Cooking is now available as an app for your iPhone or iPad, making it even easier to access our amazing recipes. Life-Changing Food is everything you want out of a whole food cookbook. The recipes are approachable and tailored towards the individuals or families who have realised that the only real diet is a whole food diet. The recipes are entirely gluten free, and despite their simplicity are incredibly delicious. If you’re just starting out with whole foods and want guidance, or if you are a veteran who wants fresh ideas with beautiful recipes that will accompany you for life, this is the book for you. In Life-Changing Food, Jo and Fouad share their stories of healing through whole food to inspire you to make the changes you need. We’ve also included an entire section of the book that discusses wider topics relating to good health, such as lifestyle changes, the importance of nature and water, and our approach to gut healing. We set out to create a world class cookbook that will be cherished in your family for generations. This book will change your life!

128 gluten-free whole food recipes, with both Thermomix® and conventional methods

Most recipes suitable for GAPS and Paleo diets, with dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, vegan and vegetarian variations where possible

A focus on gut healing foods

The most delicious gluten-free bread/ pastry recipe ever! (Everyone we know thinks so too!)

Stunning photography and design

Stories and tips that will inspire you and help you to make healthy changes in your diet

Easy to follow recipe layout

Create a list of favourite recipes for easy access

Shopping list feature allows you to add recipe ingredients into a handy list for the shops!

Recipes developed by Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking and whole food chef Fouad Kassab


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