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发行商: Hiro Art Directions,Inc.
价格: 7.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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Design your life!

Living well is a skill.
However, many people are unaware of this.
This is because nobody has taught them.

This skill entails understanding both your environment and yourself.
We have developed a tool for easily acquiring these skills and designing your way of life.

● In each square Cell, you can input text and images. These can be used for a variety of things including your schedule, to-do lists, and memos.
● In the Time Diagram, cells for year, month, week, day and life are shown in one view, allowing you to see an overview of a day in your life.
● Move a cell in the Time Diagram to the left or right to view a cell of a different date.
● In the date cell, you can view your calendar events according to your selection in the Setiings screen.
● All cell can be displayed in a mandala format, which shows the chosen cell in the center of eight new cells. In this way, you can develop an idea from a memo, or organize the things you will need for the events of the day.
● Using the the cell in the SideBar, which are displayed irrespective of the date, you can review the issues that are important to your life currently, or the things that you would like to recognize in your daily life.
● Using the +Life button, you can create additional SideBar and date cells. This is useful when you want to start a new stage in your life or if you want to organize your entries according to you work or hobbies.

● The content of a cell can be moved freely using drag-and-drop.
● The Porter, which is displayed when a cell is dragged, provides the following options: delete the cell, move the cell to Cart, move a copy of the cell to Cart, or export the contents of the cell.
● The Cart allows you to temporarily store a cell. This is useful for transferring cells between Mandala.
● If you open the files in MandalArt or OPML using LifeArt, these files will be held in the Cart as individual cells.
● Search contents of cells with the search button.


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