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Access to these Original 59 Lightroom Presets and edit your photos with them!

These presets allows you to edit your favorite shots with just a single touch. Create attractive and beautiful Photos using Presets provided in this app.

These presets are for Bloggers, Influencers and anyone who are into creating amazing photos with Lightroom. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will love to open and enjoy these Presets.

You can get the Lightroom Presets with just a single touch on "OPEN" button. No zip files or other unnecessary operations to open your presets. Plug&Play!

Categories and the Name of presets are:

- 9 Bright Tones: Outdoor, Halloween, Rich Bright, Airy, Landscape, Winter, Retro, Minimal, Car

- 11 Clean Tones: Clean, Caramel, Rich, Food, Indoor, Gourmet, Clarity, Rich Tones, Warm Rich, Warm Teal, Vivid

- 7 Cozy Tones: Coffee, Vanilla, Warm, Instagram, Cozy, Dark Warm, Browns

- 5 Holiday Tones: Tropical, Pastel Summer, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Holiday

- 10 Instagram Tones: Bright, Orange, Autumn, Elite, Influencer, Portrait, Desert, Soft Pink, Selfie, California

- 4 Moody Tones: City, Moody, Cold Blue, Dark Green

- 3 Pink Tones: Pink, Blogger, Red Tones

- 10 Portrait Tones: Golden Portra, Original Film, Magenta, Old Film, B&W Portrait, Honey, Enriched, Clear Film, Freezing, Matte

App provides Lightroom Presets with reference before and after images for your convenience.

Use built-in QR Scanner(Search tab) to reach out the surprise content on:

Also, you can immediately take notes about the presets and your edited photos within the app.

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