Little Princess Jewelry Design

发行商: YMS
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Oh no, poor Little Princess! She lost her crown while playing in the woods… for sure her mom will be so upset if she’ll show up at the royal ball without it. She had this crazy idea to try her designing skills and try to create a new princess tiara but she’s going to need an extra helping hand - could you join her in getting the Little Princess Jewelry Design game for girls started. First of all, go shopping and buy everything needed: tiaras, beads, sparkling gems, glue, bows and other things she needs to decorate her princess tiara. Once you have everything needed in Little Princess pinkish shopping cart, move to the next page of the game and put your creativity to work. Start by choosing the shape of Little Princess new tiara and then adorn it with Little Princess picture and other colourful accessories of your choice. Then go to the next page of the game and help her dress up for the upcoming royal event. Choose her a lovely dress in a pastel color and pair it up with doll-like shoes, a new hairstyle and sparkly jewelries. Have a great time.

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