Little Princess Pony Dress Up And Salon Games

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Fairy ponies are waiting for you dress up all of them! (No Ads)

The most beautiful pony made everyone known that “The Most Beautiful Pony in Equestria Contest” will be in next week. Rumor has it in the city if any pony could win this contest that one should have the most beautiful golden apple which the world has never seen before. Everyone have only seven days left to choose the greatest outfits for the city's most fashionable ponies!

This game puts you in a situation where you can explore your fashion sense and dressing up for pretty ponies that you and they will love. Only you can help them to win in the city's most beautiful pony Equestria contest.

Get your groove on with the fabulous style. Create the most beautiful little pony with the most outstanding outfits, accessories and everything!

Choose the most cutest little pony, lovely hairstyles, long or shorter tails, fabulous dresses, cute modest outfits, spark jewelry pieces, fashionable shoes, chic leg covers and do not forget to add beautiful magic wings. The mysterious ponies can turn into an unicorn and fly using magic of angle wings, fine-tune your sweet little pony with one pair of those angle wings. You see the magic wings and watch your little cute pony turn into a gorgeous unicorn right before your eyes!

This game encourage creativity, that’s why our game has a social sharing faction. You can share your friends know how great your fashionable sense by sharing it on social media like Facebook etc.

What are you waiting for? Download and Play Now!

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