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LittlePesa MFI Loaning App

发行商: Little Pesa Limited
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Little Pesa Mobile Loaning App
Little Pesa App enables you to get: --

i) Unsecured short term loan limits
* Loan limits up to Ksh 100,000.
* Most Competitive interest rates.
* Loan tenures of 7 days, 15 days and 30 days.
* Loans disbursed instantly to your MPESA account!
* Three Top ups available within your approved limit across all loan tenures!
* No questions asked!
* No processing/hidden charges!
* Easy Registration process- just copy of ID and Payslip needed.
* Loan limit is fixed at max 50% of the net pay.
* 100% Interest Refund on every 7th loan provided the previous six loans are paid on or before the due date.
* Referral bonus available for referring colleagues/friends. 

ii) Product financing and Flexipay
* Most competitive interest rates.
* Loan period of 3-6 months.
* Easy registration – copy of ID and Payslip required for salaried persons and for non-salaried persons copy of ID and three months bank statement and MPESA statement.
* Limit fixed at max 200% of the net pay/average monthly income subject to a Max limit of Ksh 300,000.

No control over your MPESA PIN and/or contacts. Only permission to send SMS and to call sought! Privacy of data protected by encryption.

App available 24/7 throughout Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda

For more information visit to check out our FAQs or email us at

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Physical address: 11, Reliable Towers, Mogotio Road, Westlands Nairobi.


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