Livin' It Up

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A new innovation by Capitec - for less than an 80MB download! Start living your best life with this unique mix of 3D home design, exciting minigames and strategy! Livin' It Up gives you the choice to play different characters, all trying to reach their dreams. Use savvy money management to deal with work and life events, including (occasional) load-shedding, while trying to save enough money to reach your characters’ long-term dreams. Can you balance your happiness, home and career on the path to success?

- Living visualisation of SMART dreams.
- Immersive 3D homes which you can personalise – build your ideal studio, apartment or mansion!
- Fun, fast minigames that represent each character's career.
- An account for tracking and managing your money using the power of saving and interest. Have fun, and get better at budgeting while you're at it!
- A series of tips and mails to enhance a living, learning experience
- Unlock new furniture, characters and dreams when you win, or learn from your mistakes and try again!
- Various long-term character dreams: help Lerato get her sister into university, or start a new business with Zane. Every game session presents new opportunities and challenges.
- In-game 'life events' which represent real living: have you saved enough to help your family? Can you afford to buy a car? And what do you do when Nandi's lights go out? What better way to teach people the importance of planning for unexpected events, than allowing them to experience the impact.

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