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Lamsa: Kids Stories & Games

发行商: Lamsa FZ-LLC
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Lamsa app has all the right content to become your child’s new best friend!

Allow your child to indulge in Lamsa world and enjoy all the fun, yet educational, Arabic children games, stories, and learning activities.

Are you looking for friendly indoor activities for kids around you? Check out our totally new virtual summer camp below:

Enjoy Lamsa’s awesome features!

1. Lamsa content is now easily accessed with our new Tap-and-Play feature, with no need to wait.
2. The Automatic Saving Feature allows you to access viewed content offline with ease.
3. Our Smart Recommendation will keep your kids engaged in learning by suggesting content that is in-line with their own unique and growing interests.

Lamsa’s 2020 Summer Camp:

This summer is different, but with Lamsa, the fun won’t stop! Here are the kid’s activities and what your child can enjoy on Lamsa’s 2020 Summer Camp!

1. Sports activities: interactive videos of different sports children can do at home.
2. Experiments & inventions: interactive videos of children making experiments & inventions at home.
3. Arts & Crafts: interactive videos for children to learn Arts & Crafts at home.
4. Baking & cooking: interactive videos to teach children how to make food recipes at home with the help of their parents.
5. Language lessons: Learn the basics of the English and Arabic language.
6. Fun facts: videos that include fun facts.
7. Lamsa’s heroes: Enjoy videos about storytelling, story writing, and arts created by other inspiring children.
8. Lamsa’s daily interactive story: curated stories from Lamsa’s library to help children engage with Arabic language.
9. Lamsa’s daily interactive game: curated interactive games that were designed to develop children’s cognitive and creative abilities.
10. Lamsa’s daily challenge: challenges for children to do at home.

Lamsa’s Accomplishments

1. Forbes #1 breathtaking Education Startup in MENA 2019.
2. Etisalat Awards for Arabic Children's Literature at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2017.
3. Best Arab Content Award at the 2013 World Summit.

Lamsa Learning Strategy

Early childhood education paves the way for children’s wide-ranging know-how. As parents and educators, our challenge is to think how to best prepare our learners for a successful and happy life in an ever-changing world where the technology advances and intercultural communications increases.

Lamsa’s educational activities are based on a learner perception that sees children as curious individuals who want to learn new things through exploration, play, repetition and rehearse.

Learning is a holistic process and it happens everywhere. It combines the knowledge, skills, activities, emotions, sensations and experiences. Learning new things brings joy and is efficient when challenges are within a child’s zone of proximal development and the child feels comfortable and safe.

The support for learning in Lamsa is built around different fields of competencies. By facilitating the development of these skills, we prepare children to face the world as it is and find their own ways to succeed.

Along with practicing these competency areas, the child also develops Motoric Skills, Cognitive Skills, Problem Solving Skills and Learning to Learn Skills and Happiness.

Subscription details:

"Subscription gives you full and exclusive access to Lamsa's content and updates with plans designed for you to choose from:
- (30 days) or (12 months) to enjoy unlimited learning activities, stories, games, and videos.
-Subscription amount will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of the subscription.
- Subscription is renewed automatically unless the subscriber cancels automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the renewal date and the renewal value is equal to the original subscription value.
- You can manage your account and cancel automatic renewal through your account settings at the iTunes & App Store.

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